Dr. Mohammad Salim Malik-MDS, Prostho (9624162780) (Baroda)

From day one, my experience with WORLD OF 32 had been full of knowledge, inspiration etc…Even though I have gone through during my post graduate studies as attended   modules, every time I got exposed to different experiences.Both the mentors, Dr.Jaimin and Dr.Dhaval had been excellent in delivering their vast knowledge and sharing   experiences, not only related to implant dentistry but also full fledged dental practice management and patient convincing ideas and their views. Not forgetting superb and   marvelous hospitality and assistance by Jigar and Prakash. Finally I would like to thank from depth of my heart and brain for serving and making us perfect, to the team of   WORLD OF 32.

Dr. Rahul Rupapara MDS, Private Practice (9825084173) (Rajkot)

I found more than worth traveling from Rajkot to Ahmedabad for learning implants at WORLD OF 32.

Dr. Anuj Manseta- MDS, KSD (9879292727) (Ahmedabad)

Awesome only word sufficient to describe this implantology course. As I had studied under Dr.Jaimin sir at BDS level, I was enthusiastic, anxious and apprehensive- all at the same time before joining this course. Right from the 1st introductory lecture to 1st hands-on session and so on, this journey in the ocean of implantology with Dr.Jaimin sir and Dr.Dhaval sir has been outstanding. Highlight of the course- Thorough knowledge of different types of implant systems in 1 single course with so many hands-on sessions, live surgeries and much more.. This course is “BEST” among its peers.. I am really grateful to “WORLD OF 32” for making implantology easy to understand and practice.

Dr.Sunit Patel- MDS (9998850908) (Kalol)

The concepts on veneers and ceramic has been fully solved by this doctor. Presentations hospitality is good.

Dr.Jalark Patel- M.D.S PEDO ( 9974132646) (Ahmedabad)

Quality of communication and audiovisual interaction is good. Clarity of presentation on practical clinical topics were helpful. Finally hospitality was quite good. Best of luck. Keep it up.

Dr. Rohit Thakkar-MDS, Perio (9825077881) (Patan)

I am very happy that I have attended this course. My concept about RCT are very clear now. I am doing so many mistake in RCT. Now after attending this course, I am very confident in RCT. So thanks to WORLD OF 32 dental academy for contouring this type of courses.

Dr. Rahul Rupapara-MDS, Private Practice (9825084173) (Rajkot)

I found more than worth traveling from Rajkot to Ahmedabad for learning implants at WORLD OF 32.

Dr. Aditi Shah (7567731858) (Ahmedabad)

Walk in with zero idea and walk out with perfect theoretical, practical knowledge and most important, confidence to practice implantology. This course provides detailed knowledge and hands on practice on various implant systems to implement.

Dr. Ami Chotaliya-BDS (9727811444) (Ahmedabad)

Before attending this course I was not confident to do any kind of dental procedure in Anterior (Aesthetic) teeth region. But now I am very confident. (In providing all kind to cosmetic from basic to Advance tech) And I am sure I all make my patient happy by giving better smile. For that I would like to thank Dr. Jaimin Patel & Dr.Dhaval Mehta.

Dr. Parth Shah (Private Practice & KSD Staff) (9998443132)

Its more than expectation, and a superb experience of putting an implant on a dummy model in hands-on course. We do get confidence of placing implants in patients. Not only hands on, we enjoyed all days.

Dr. Manish Rajora (08560853211) (Rajasthan)

I am over whelmed by what you people have taught us. We got a lot at knowledge & advancement which we have not learn in our college times. Thanks a lot to your whole team and hats off to you.

Dr. Goverdhansingh Shekhavat (7597314792) (Jaisalmer, Rajasthan)

Over all great experience faculty it great helping in nature nice in experience was great thank you.

Dr. Sejal L Thesiya-BDS (9998356061) (Dhoraji)

I have enjoyed very much with WORLD OF 32;smile academy in all lectures ,demonstration hands on programmer .All doctor’s staff is good in nature and very friendly. I am very thankful to all staff they had managed this type of wonderful modules.

Dr. Nishant Nayak -GDC Private Practice (9426546173) (Palanpur)

Dr. Jaimin and Dr. Dhaval has thought good basic knowledge and ideas, surgical aspects, theory part, with good home environment; I never felt shy here about not knowing anything in implantology before coming here. Very homely environment for beginners.

Dr. Kajal Gajera-BDS (9427771083) (Dhoraji)

After trained from WORLD OF 32 academy I got very Basic & deep knowledge about Aesthetic Dentistry. I enjoyed very friendly atmosphere .As Dr.Jaimin sir & Dr.Dhaval sir share theirs knowledge with us. Thanks a lot this all this to WORLD OF 32 academy.

Dr. Hemant Prakash Mali-BDS (09680594149) (Nathdwara, Rajasthan)

After joining the implant course, it was great experience in implant dentistry as well as in general dentistry when sir told to me about esthetic course I was very excited about it, because I want to gain the precious knowledge it Dr Jaimin sir & Dhaval sir & Mam also Special thanks to all you & staff.

Dr. Bhavin Kundaria -BDS (7405345305, 9275036082) (Rajula)

Both Dhaval sir & Jamin sir way of Presentation is so Good. I love WORLD OF 32

Dr. Jaimin Raval-BDS (9978006000) (Ahmedabad)

Presentation is good. Hospitality is also good. Very good.

Dr. Nidhi Jha-BDS (9586922946, 9913650465) (Gandhinagar)

The aesthetic dentistry course was a highly enriching experience for me. Being an intern , it was very helpful to learn about patient management from listening to day to day experiences of our both mentors, Jaimin sir and Dhaval sir. It helped a lot in understanding the nuances of handling of private clinic. And most importantly , I learned the correct way of doing so many things that I was practicing earlier but was not doing properly.

Dr. Prameet Bhorania- KSD Private Practice (9427456417) (Morbi)

Modules were really worthy, and thanks sir for starting our journey of implants….We really got confidence to put implants in patient after today s hands-on. We learned a lot and enjoyed too.

Dr. Patel Brijesh M-BDS (8140108939) (Vadodra)

It’s my Pleasure to join WORLD OF 32 here I get knowledge about how to make smile, do best in patient mouth. By joining this academy I get knowledge about what is latest in aesthetic Dentistry. By this knowledge I able to give to pit.

Dr. Geeta M. Asrani-BDS (987990721) (Maninagar)

It says eyes see what mind knows. So after attending this course in smile Academy I have got that vision & my eye literally search / always look for , what my mind knows. Thank for giving me that vision.

Dr. Riddhi Patel-BDS (9601191118) (Ahmedabad)

Experience was good. Got to know from the basics.Have cleared all ideas about veneers and mentors one very enthusiastic in teaching it was fan learning.

Dr. Nitachavda (9913969656) (Junagadh)

That’s excellent .to join this course knowledge about different composite technique.

Dr. Ankit Satodia (9724299877) (Junagadh)

It’s my pleasure to join WORLD OF 32. Here I get knowledge which will us full in my life. I really thankful for your demonstration & live presentation.

Dr. Mayur D. Savaliya (9427975050) (Junagadh)

The modulus or esthetic course started in Gujarat by you & your colleague charged my view about cosmetic design. I really appreciate your management, Hospitality, Hand son & Demo schedules it times. I am Thanks for providing knowledge about esthetic.

Dr. Ravi Varsvada (9033343411) (Morbi)

Overall Rating It was very helpful course after attending which many at my basics me boost my clinical practice. This course not only teaches dentistry, it helps to vision .A vision that can help our patients to smile on and on.Thank you Dr Jaimin &Dr Dhaval.

Dr. Rakesh Patel (8128483454) (Ahmedabad)

Very good experience and specialty thanks to.Dr.Jaimin Patel and Dr. Dhaval Mehta to give smile not only patients but also dentist like us.

Dr. Jigar v. Patel (9426217999) (Bhuj)

I find all programs so interesting to understand & it cleared all my basics of aesthetic dentistry. After this program I got confident on my pt.

Dr. Patel Hemali Yogeshbhai (8141347088) (Morbi)

Sir, I had great time at WORLD OF 32 learning new things, getting more motivated and being mare confident. I hoped to have few more HANDS ON though it was great being part of this. Will always this experience Both sir, mam and all staff were co-operative and helped lot .Thanking you.

Dr. Pooja Patel (8141337754) (Morbi)

I like everything specially nature of an of you all are very co-operative and live . so I would say great team world and marvelous demonstration and world of an Jaimin so really impressed thank you.

Dr. Varun Patel (9979261912) (Patan)

My overall experience is very good in this institute – smile academy I have learned number of new things of smile design and cosmetic dentistry practical than and as well as the aspect is very good. I have learned advanced practices of dentistry. Thanks a lot to Dr. Jaimin sir and Dhaval sir.

Dr. Jinisha Mukeshbhai Hirani (9033485480) (Morbi)

Sir, It is an honor to be learned with you in WORLD OF 32. Thanks a lot.

Dr. Umesh Patel (812821688) (Morbi)

I am feeling very satisfied, that for what I have joined this course & I am getting even more than that. The motivation which I got from the Dr. Jaimin & Dr. Dhaval will help me in my all dental practice. So, This implant course was great, fabulous, Adventurous, Specially the Direct Sinus lighting on Egg. Thanks to WORLD OF 32.

Dr. Roma Jagdish Patel (8401225467) (Anand)

It was a good Experience Come to know lot many new things which will be useful in together practice. Its, good to be in touch with you all (WORLD OF 32)

Dr. Riddhi A Palan (9427719968) (Gandhidham,Kutchh)

I am very happy to join this course because I joined so much of knowledge not only of Implant but. Also general Dentistry & life as I was taled before I joined the course.

Dr. Arpita Patel (7874771579) (Ahmedabad)

It was good experience I am happy to join this academy and implant my knowledge and I also encourage my friend Nidhi motavani to join this academy and she to also happy after joining this academy I wish academy become.

Dr. Labdhi Shah (9723300125) (Ahmedabad)

Thank you Jaimin sir and Dhaval sir for joining us so good knowledge regarding implant & sharing your experience with us. I had gained a lot of knowledge for the course and have leaned so many doublets. I am really happy for joining WORLD OF 32 thank you for your great support.

Dr. Jigar V Patel (9426217999) (Bhuj-Kutch)

This course removed my we thou out for implant. After this course I feel that implant is so easy to do. After this course I improved my confident in Pt & in my work. This course give me “KICK” on my dental. Complication of implant part of this course is best for me.

Dr. Alpesh Patel (9722851626) (Vadodra)

I am very thankful to Dr Jaimin, Dr Dhaval and supporting staff for teaching, educating and correcting our doubts and fear regarding implants. I have attended both esthetic as well as implant courses and I would like to say the things which we are getting from 32 pearls is priceless. We hope we will get same response in future in case of some complications.

Dr. Dishant Gaur (9828298641) (Udaipur, Rajasthan)

Inspirational. The first word that come to my mind. Beyond the obvious knowledge that I have acquired about implantology and clinical dentistry. I have learned to motivate myself. Less theory-centrist and more-practical oriented approach helps people like us, who want to develop their skills instead of staying bookworms. The hospitality was nice and calming. In the end, it was definitely worth it.

Dr. Nishant Gajera (9979635105) (Jetpur)

Wonderful lectures, series, demonstration, nice improvement in practice. Hundred percent successful in initial implant practice- wonderful demonstration for direct sinus lift as well as indirect lift procedure. Only one word- Mission accomplished

Dr. Aditi Mittal (9574668751) (Surat)

I feel very satisfied and happy to be a part of this course. It was very motivational and inspiring. Thank u so much sir for sharing your experience with us. There is unique confidence in me now which I developed because of WORLD OF 32 pearls.

Dr. Mansi (Baroda)

Very Good Hands-ons. Helped a lot to improve knowledge & Confidence regarding treatments.

Dr. Ankit Shah (Ahmedabad)

In, WORLD OF 32 dental academy we learn a new vision of dentistry, This academy provide us so much basic things which we can do in practise & made mistakes so, we can correct it & they share their basic experience with us. Thank you for that. Thank you Heartily to Dr. Jaimin sir & Dr. Dhaval sir & All members of academy.

Dr. Poonam Tyagi (9650482124) (Delhi)

It was a very good experience to be here in “WORLD OF 32”. The hospitality is good. Staff and doctors are good and co-operative. Indeed the course was helpful but one thing I felt is patients at least 1 or 2 should be given for hand’s on. Rest everything was good. No doubt the mentor Dr. Vishal Jain is very good, helpful and approachable. In the end I would say a “BIG Thank You” to every one.

Dr. Arpita Srivastava (8719841584) (Indore)

Please mention your overall experience with WORLD OF 32 and its mentors:
It was a great experience learning with WORLD OF 32. My mentor Dr Vishal Jain sir is an excellent teacher. He is always keen to solve queries and he made all the three modules very interesting. It is very difficult to sit in theory lecture for more than 45 minutes, but his way of taking lectures are so interesting and enjoyable. I don’t blink my eyes throughout 3 hour lecture duration. I am looking forward for advance courses in endo and other branches, it would me my pleasure to join WORLD OF 32 again for new courses.

Dr. Kajal B Virani (9909028792) (Rajkot)

It’s really a good experience with these course. I had fear of using rotary files but now that is really clear. Concept of treating vital & non vital tooth of sir is really very good. Concept of Single Sitting Root Canal is nice & really useful for good clinical practice. Better Explanation of which teeth are not treated by Root Canals. Post & Core discussion is also very good. Overall course is really very helpful.

Dr. Ankit Satodia (9724299877) (Junagarh)

It is really nice experience to learn new Concept and technique of Rct with Dr. Vishal Jain and WORLD OF 32. It gives much confidence about diagnosis and treatment planning. Specially thanks to Dr. Vishal Jain Sir. (SRT OF RCT)

Dr. Setu B Shah (9909028792) (Rajkot)

My Overall Experience with WORLD OF 32 is very good. What I learnt here was a very brilliant, beautiful & versatile thing to take into my regular practice. Now a days every dentist should know about Root canal Treatment very precisely, WORLD OF 32 is that place to learn. Thank you Dr. Vishal Jain For Wonderful teaching Sessions along with hands on. Course is Worth Spending.

Dr. Hardeep Vansia (9601023802) (Surat)

It was a splendid experience. It has changed my myths & misbelieves about endodontic practice. I am very grateful for that. I wish this academy to achieve more & more Success. Dr. Vishal Jain is Really master blaster about Endotronics. Wish a very bright future for academy.

Dr. Priyank Patel (9825129856) (Ahmedabad)

Being a dentist with only BDS degree I knew RCT is just access opening, clean the canal, irrigate & obturate the Canal. After completing the course for Endotronics here at WORLD OF 32 being that I had introduced myself with the whole new era of root canal treatment which I had never seen before Teaching & Hands on session by Dr. Vishal Jain is quite excellent. Today after completing the course I can proudly say that, yes I can do Rct now better than any BDS Dentist in Ahmedabad. even better than the dentist with much experience.

Dr. Mohini V Thakor (875820250) (Ahmedabad)

Its been pleasure being with WORLD OF 32- Dental Academy in endo Course. After finishing the course Dr. Vishal has cleared almost all the Concept of Root canal treatment. I am more confident now to do a Root canal treatment perfectly. All the hand on sessions were excellent and all the staff was really helpful.Thanking You.

Dr. Prasant V Pansuriya (9033340941) (Surat)

Over all experience was very good. Learn main things which we were knowing only theoretically but not how to apply it practically. Boosted the confidence of doing RCT Learn how to convince the patient and transfer our confidence to them. Nature of Staff and hospitality was good.

Dr. ANKIT B PATEL (8866409677) (Navsari)

Now I know where I am doing mistakes related to endo. Concept are clear Of Vishal sir make it very easy. Really the way Dr. Vishal teaches endo, I will remember his as a Sachin of endo. 100% satisfied, with Dr. Vishal sir. Thank you Dr Vishal sir for teaching me good + easy Endotronics.

Dr. Nidhi Jha (9586922946) (Ahmedabad)

It was an am amazing experience with WORLD OF 32 academy & our mentor Dr. Vishal Jain. As a beginner, I was having a lot of misconceptions about the root canal treatment, which are thankfully cleared now. Now looking ahead to practice it with perfection. Dr. Vishal Jain was very friendly & approachable which made us comfortable in asking any question that come in our mind. So, a very big thanks to him.

Dr. Mayur D. Savaliya (9427975050) (Junagadh)

I Had Started My first Course Of Implant in institute of WORLD OF 32 when I was intern batch 2012, After that I had Started my own two clinics in Junagadh & again join for esthetic (cosmetic) course after 1 year. Suddenly I found my quality graft raise very up and I was very satisfied by practice. Afterwords I had started endo course by Dr. Vishal Jain and found much improvement in my endo work. Seriously , I found many faults in my previous endo work. I realized the importance of accuracy & quality. I am very thankful & heartily appreciating Dr. Jaimin, Dr. Vishal & Dr. Dhaval & full team of WORLD OF 32 to provide quality awareness & modernize the dentistry world. In short quality matters a lot, & WORLD OF 32 is full of quality.

Dr.Shahin Patel (9974366407) (Gandhinagar)

It was nice experience. We come to know the things which are were not aware before nice case discussions & demotion nice management. I believe I would of help as sin fortune endodontic.

Dr. Ankit H Shah (9638474728) (Ahmedabad)

WORLD OF 32 Academy. Thank you so much to the members & all the staff & Respected sir & madam who teach & learn us a proper & Right path of dentistry that will give us a new vision & learn correct & proper method of treatment. They clear our all doubts about problems related R.C.T & also clear the all doubts about diagnosis because of you proper teaching & Such a practical demo on the patient will clear all problems about treatment & diagnosis part. Thank you so much to you inspiring us to do better dentistry & cooperate & helping us.

Dr. Bhavin Kundaria (7405345305) (Rajula)

Last 3rd module of live Single Sitting R.C.T. Demonstration is good. My R C T knowledge is so much improve after this course I Miss Dr. Jaimin sir and its lecture Hospitality is also good. Thanks WORLD OF 32

Dr. Nirali Patel (846935401) (Ahmedabad)

It was simply wow. It was great experience. I realize the mistakes what I have done till yet. I really imposed with WORLD OF 32.

Dr. Minaz Malaviya (9408549802) (Botad)

I learn so many things new from this Course now I have improve my work. I like you the module. I thank full to this academy I am very happy that now I can do single sitting. Overall is a best experience with this academy.

Dr. Shruti K Ladola (9601882388) (Botad)

I Was very nice experience before this course I do to much blander but after this I will do best endo treatment this course boost my confidence level in my life & Vishal sir you rocked you to gather endo treatment thank u so much & all the sir mam very good response from all of u.

Dr. Ishwa Mehta (942950556) (Ahmedabad)

It was very good experience. All the 3 modules are very interesting and know legade. Dr. Vishal sir mode us also topic very easy so that we can understand nicely. All faculty members response was just superb I am very happy and satisfied from. Job of WORLD OF 32 members thank you so much. Every one and special thanks to Vishal sir now I am good to be a student of this academy.

Dr. Hemant Mali (09414239718) (Nathdwara)

I got lot of confidence and accuracy while treating patient after joining the WORLD OF 32 dental academy–endo course. Dr Vishal sir gives small-small tips for endo, which make endo so easy for me. which was not so much understood before. now I feel it’s interesting and easy. Special thanks to Jaimin sir, Dhaval sir and mam, who gives full devotion and corporation to me.

Dr. Nidhi Motwani Jhaveri (9879099362) (Ahmedabad)

Overall experience was good there were useful demonstrations and hands-on. lectures were good, they were of clinical benefit to us and not theoretical boring. i will surely recommend esthetic and endo course from WORLD OF 32 to my friends and juniors who are recently passed out or have 2-3 years of work experience.Many things are not thought to us in collage and we can always learn it through such courses.mentors are inspiring, friendly and highly motivating. They are updated with all recent advancements and techniques. They help us clear our doubts during and after lectures and even on whatts app. Which I appreciate. i am thankful to Dr.Jaimin sir, Dhaval sir, Kunjal mam, Deepali mam, Vishal sir for sharing their knowledge and important clinical tips.

Dr. Pooja Pandya (7874392714) (Vadodara)

My experience at WORLD OF 32 was a highly intellectual and interactive one. It was very educational. Thanks to the mentors good and friendly nature, the learning was a lot of easier. The knowledge provided here is surely going to be very useful in the practice. Very pleased with the knowledge gained here. Hoping that you will always be there whenever any guidance is required in future.

Dr. Rahul Srivastava-MDS, Prostho (Qatar, UAE)

Interactive sessions with good exposure of techniques and materials. Wish you all the best for future.

Dr. Faraaz Inamdar-MDS, Ortho (Bharuch)

Good Hands on with Braid Important Lecture.

Dr. Harshil Zaveri -MDS, Perio (Ahmedabad)

The course & hands on are good. Just I want notes of theoretical part of lectures so that it can be revised.


After joining the implant course, it was great experience in implant dentistry as well as in general dentistry.when sir told to me about aesthetic course I was very excited about it, because I want to gain the precious knowledge it Dr. Jaimin sir & Dhaval sir & Mam also Special thanks to all you & staff.

Anand Chaudhari (9978906616)

Hospitality is very good. Componeers section is very interesting.

Dr. Priyank Patel (Ahmedabad)

It is a great experience with Dr. Jaimin & Dr. Dhaval Learned Many more thing & Solved doubts about Aesthetic Dentistry. Thanks for giving us opportunity to come here.

Dr. Heta Shah (Vadodara)

Its been wonderful experienced here lost of Concepts has been cleared. One to one hands on is appreciable.

Dr. Disha K Malli (Ahmedabad)

Great experience for good work out, patient management, cost management Clinical things, case selection etc. It was a good feeling to came hear for best guiding for our profession. Lost of things we learns. Thank u to 32 pearl. I personally not satisfy to my crown Cutting at last module so I will try to do best next time. Hartley thanks to ‘32 pearls’ for what I am now after this Course.

Dr. Priyanka Dadheech  (Kota, Rajasthan)

All four modules are good. We have learn a lot, our confidence improved & gain knowledge for better dentistry.

Dr. Tushar Dhami (Ahmedabad)

Staff’s people are very good in nature and friendly. Very supportive Dr.Jaimin Patel & Dr.Dhaval Mehta. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us & making us perfect.

Dr. Maitri Shah (Bhuj)

It was really amazing experience to learn under guidance of Dr. Jaimin Patel and Dr. Dhaval Mehta and just in four modules, have gained the confidence of working with skill and perfection. All slides of presentation, photos and best of all personal supervision in hands-on session have made our concepts almost clear…….. got the feeling of college days again and would request to keep more modules…. Food was wonderful… and perfect organization… looking forward to learn other courses too. Thank you very much.

Dr. Barot Ashka (Vadodara)

Quiet satisfactory.

Learn lots of new things.

Cleared lots of doubts.

Hands-on practice is really helped lots.

Thank you so much.