Now, the era demands from you to be a ShowMan. You need to showcase your good work to the world, weather they are your friends, colleagues or patients.

Bad skills of photography will decrease the value of even good work; and good skills of photography will encourage you to perform even better.

The logic behind arranging this workshop is to learn basic skills of photography and document your own work for several reasons, like:

1. Adds the value to your patient’s consultation visit

2. Documentation to motivate..educate n convience patient

3. Increase the revenue of clinic, as more convinced patients will give you more work

4. Capture and record success stories of your own past patients to show to new patients

5. Prepare pre and post treatment records and send to patients’ family members with your clinic watermarks

6. Documentation to improve n excel in ur own work skills

7. Capturing photos at all levels and preserving on your phone or computers may help you as evidence, in negotiating some impractical demands of patients during follow up visits.

There is no discussion which is good, weather it is Mobile Phone or DSLR camera. If you want document your clinical work in a most economical way, without investing (minimum approx. 1 lac) for DSLR, macro lense and twin flash, etc. , COME AND JOIN US FOR MOBILE DENTAL PHOTOGRAPHY at WORLD OF 32: Dental Academy on 23rd September 2018. Call or Whatsapp on 9499557455 for registrations.

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